The International Future Computing Summit Opening

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The International Future Computing Summit Opening

Post by Neil »

Guess who's back from hiatus?!?!?  Now that the International Future Computing Summit is complete, I can put more time into Meant to be Seen again.

The IFC Summit was TIFCA's inaugural future computing event in Silicon Valley.  It's the rebranded evolution of the Immersed conference which was founded in 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

This year's show was all about the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and to our knowledge, is the first time the ecosystem has been gathered in this manner.

This opening presentation is very important because it details the client-to-cloud revolution and what it means to computing as we know it, it talks about the direction the ecosystem is heading towards, and it outlines some short term objectives that TIFCA is working on.  See what you think!

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Re: The International Future Computing Summit Opening

Post by Dom »

I always thought renting Gaming Servers online was cool. You had the software and dedicated connection that is fast. Dedicated Windows Server machines were like $150 a month or more for a Xeon with customizable Ram and HardDisk. It was expensive if all you used it was for personal use learning and never made any money from the service.

Now that we are getting Gigabit to upload and download at Home, we can now have home servers with that ultra-fast transfer rate and buy the servers for at home. What I am saying is that some of the online stuff like software and hardware is too expensive to rent. DVDFab software, for example, it is too costly just for converting Blu-ray 3d to .mp4. If I had a family of four I don't know what I would do.

What I am happy about is that I don't have to upgrade my computers that often and that the viruses I used to get are slowing down and nonexistent. I like watching movies and if there are going to be more immersive movies like holographic movies as the display then that will be nice. I really liked how 3D movies with the 3d glasses turned out and what became of that medium and technique.

I like the client to cloud and I know my personal data is at good use and that I can offer a lot more to the market than just hiding out playing video games. I really like music and hope that I can still work on some meaning full songs in the future with ease.

Neil, I wish your Team the best success and am glad you guys are putting in the effort to make computing more fun and accessible to a wider audience. My System specs In HTML


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