Why an HTC Vive Spin-Off Could be a Good Thing

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Why an HTC Vive Spin-Off Could be a Good Thing

Post by Neil »


For a couple days, the word on the street is that HTC is contemplating the sale of their company, or...the more likely scenario...the sale of the HTC Vive business.  While we've read this rumour before, this author believes that spinning off the HTC Vive business has inherent advantages:

First, the sales expectations are in scale.  It was pure fantasy when HTC thought that the Vive and alternative to smartphone sales would account for 10% of their revenues within a year.  If it did, that would have indicated more of a problem than a benefit.  In contrast, a spun-off company living in its own ecosystem has only it's straight profits and market sizes to measure against.  Yes, it can build towards mass market with time; the pressures to unrealistically do so in a spun off company are no longer the same.Read more: Why an HTC Vive Spin-Off Could be a Good Thing
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Re: Why an HTC Vive Spin-Off Could be a Good Thing

Post by Dom »

I agree that a spin-off Vr company could do well with HTC's intellectual property of Vive or Smartphones. Although, Mobile Vr is "low quality Vr", so who's gonna buy low quality Vr it will have to be a bonus item when sold with HTC's phones.

HTC is supposed to be high quality and most people that I've heard from think that the HTC Vive is the superior HMD out of them all on sale now. If HTC or the spin-off company thinks they can make alot of money from mobile and standalone Vr they are mistaken unless you and me can get that in Vr graphics from a 16 Tflop GPU in the next year.

If HTC's spin-off company gets to use other smartphones for their HMD wrapper then its kind of moot point in that whats it gonna cost 30 bucks for the wrapper HMD and if people buy an HTC smartphone then however much that cost they're not gonna use it with a HMD wrapper all that often like they would a real HTC Vive with premo gfx.

If HTC gets sold I think as long as theres still the Vive 2.0 coming out and more then alot of gamers will buy in Droves even if the cost is high. HTC is doing the right thing and making stars out of them selves with all the good rep they got. If the shareholders need a lump sum and take off to something else then why not sell it off and hope it lasts long enough for customers to support them.

One reason I bought my HTC Vive was because it was from "HTC" and was sold in Microsoft Stores. If it would have been from a company called KLF called the KLF Vr Mind Reaper and sold in Walmart I might not have cared as much. For their smartphones I have not even seen anyone with one or heard of them selling at stores at all, is it just in China that people have them?

If HTC drops everything and totally quits, Vr will be pretty gloomy. Even the Microsoft HMD are getting terrible reviews for comfort and quality. I wonder if some of these companies need some help with innovation, maybe its time to do some write ups and emails and development again, I'm really surprised Vr has come this far in 2017. Its a real sold feature from what I can tell from the headsets and games I have.


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