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AntVR E3 Interview, The Third Floor is IN!

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:29 am
by Neil
[stimg='AntVR Exhibit at E3 Expo' url= ... CF6793.jpg] ... CF6793.jpg[/stimg]
Avengers assemble! Two amazing stories to share today.

First, we got the chance to check out AntVR's latest prototype. For reasons beyond comprehension, AntVR has seemingly received a bad rap since their Kickstarter beginnings, and this is completely unfounded. While waiting for another appointment, we walked through their crowded E3 exhibit and asked "are you doing anything with positional tracking?"

Their answer was in a back room that they gladly showed off on request, and we are glad we asked because we would have missed out otherwise. It's not as polished as what is readily available and much work continues, but AntVR already has 50+ employees, their E3 exhibit just screamed serious investment, and the fundamentals and drive are there to do some amazing things. Check out the interview - a real highlight for us.Read more: AntVR E3 Interview, The Third Floor is IN!
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Re: AntVR E3 Interview, The Third Floor is IN!

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:38 pm
by KydDynoMyte
The reason they have receive a bad rap is because the quality control on their kickstarter kits wasn't very good and a lot of bad units went out. They also haven't provided any software to support their equipment. They promised new improved lenses to all the backers and even the new version 2 kit to people that received broken units. But the communication is lacking. People are tired of waiting. The kickstarter people currently only have a 2dof HMD that only provides mouse emulation in the headset and they can't make use of the gun/controller IMU. I received an ok unit, I did have to open it up and clean out some particles and gunk in the headset, but at least my lenses were not bad like a lot that went out.

I don't know of another HMD you can currently buy with this fov and image clarity. No need for distortion and the ease of hooking it up to any HDMI source is very nice. I think they should of been pushing the strengths that are better than all the other headsets instead of trying to win a loosing race trying to catch up in the other areas. If you add your own head tracking solution I think it's currently the best headset for flight sims. You can actually read the instruments. I bought a Titan One USB dongle to take advantage of the AntVR mouse emulation to provide some of the console head tracking functionality that the AntVR U2B module was supposed to provide. Playing Crysis 3 in SBS 3D on the Xbox 360 with the AntVR HMD isn't bad at all.

Their IMUs work fine in their own provided zombie fps demo. If only they would concentrate on getting the SDK out to the kickstarter backers so they could make use of the equipment. Or just get the IMUs supported in OpenTrack would be enough for now.

Re: AntVR E3 Interview, The Third Floor is IN!

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:46 pm
by Neil
That's the risk with Kickstarter. You bid and hope for the best, you may end up taking one for the team, and hopefully it builds towards a brighter future. I'm still waiting on actually receiving something from one Kickstarter, and the most successful ones actually had money before they really needed it in the first place.

For me, I was just impressed. Forgive my choice in punctuation, but these guys aren't #($*& around. The same goes for FOVE, StarVR, ImmersiON-VRelia, and others. It wasn't perfect, they acknowledged the shortcomings, but the fundamentals were very much there.

A colleague of mine had a table exhibit at the E3 show floor, and he nonchalantly said he paid something like $30K for it. If you figure that AntVR had a behemoth of an exhibit right across from Oculus with the real show in a back room that nobody seems to know or talk about...that to me is the real story. The sooner everyone comes to the realization that there is no magic with any of this IP, they will appreciate just how diverse this industry is going to be and fast.