3D TV from SAT - autodetect

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3D TV from SAT - autodetect

Post by halskee »

I need information about autodetecting 3D signal from SAT programs (for example Sky3D or Canal+3D)
Is in signal any flag (something like WSS flag) that send information to TV when audition is in 2D and when 3D (how it's look like or what is name of it)
Does autodetect work only with BluRay and PS3?

Sorry for my english and thx for help or any information.

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Re: 3D TV from SAT - autodetect

Post by bgnome »

I have Dish Network in the US and they have not started rolling out 3D yet so I can't say for sure, but from what I understand, broadcasts are in half SBS format so the TV will not autodetect the signal. 3DTVs must be set manually for the half SBS input. It is possible that the satellite receiver box gets some signal and reprocesses the SBS to framepacked, which the TV will autodetect, but I doubt this would work with most current boxes out there today.

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