Fixing interference of multiple 3DTVs

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Fixing interference of multiple 3DTVs

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The main requirements for my project are:

* 3D Stereo on large screen displays (there are no monitors with diagonal > 23in, so we are looking at TVs which only have HDMI/VGA input ports)
* Large screen displays within close proximity of each other (potential for interference)
* Head-tracked stereo (we cannot rely on consumer-grade stereo)

* Can 3D Vision Pro with Quadro cards do quad-buffered stereo at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz per eye on a Plasma/LCD TV? (any plasma/LCD monitor larger than 45in diagonal works for me)
o As I understand it, HDMI 1.4a interface (and earlier versions) do not allow us to drive TVs with full resolution 120Hz frame rate (i.e. 1920x1080 @ 60Hz per eye). This is why we cannot do full-resolution quad-buffered stereo on TVs, which do not have DVI-dual-link inputs

* Even if we settle for half-resolution displays @ 120Hz refresh rate, can 3D Vision Pro really work with _any_ Plasma/LCD TV?
o From this list, it seems like they only work with DLP.
o The following question is not important: Since checkerboard pattern is the required native input format for DLP displays (according to this white paper) is there any difference between the quad-buffered stereo done by 3D Vision Pro+Quadro on the DLP displays and the quad-buffered stereo done on 3D computer monitors (e.g. Samsung 2233rz)?

* To overcome potential interference between the infrared emitters of the 3DTVs we need to cover 1 of the TV emitters and use only 1 of the emitters to sync all the 3D glasses we have for both of the 3DTVs. Someone suggested that for our solution to work, we need to synchronize the refresh rate of the two TVs (connected to a single Quadro 5000 card).
o It's too late for me to purchase a Quadro 5000G card. Can I just purchase a NVIDIA SDI Output Card, a 14‐Pin Ribbon Cable, and a DVI-to-DVI cable to connect the SDI Output Card to our Quadro 5000? Is FrameLock the answer to synchronizing the refresh rate?
o Is there any other way to overcome the IR interference?

If you are aware of any autostereoscopic/ polarized stereo TVs that I should look into, please let me know. I did not consider them because at the time of my investigation
a) autostereoscopic TVs were really expensive
b) the polarized stereo TVs are mainly row-interleaved which (I think) will reduce the vertical resolution and make the fonts of the graphical-user-interface of our application difficult to read.

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