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Shaderhacker donation information

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Please consider providing a small donation whenever using any game fix - a LOT of hours are required to craft any 3D fix, since game developers and, finally, Nvidia abandoned 3D Vision. This request includes the software tools required to create these fixes (like DSS) and to simplify installing these fixes (like PaulDusler's Fix Manager). Consider these archived discussions from DHR (see ... ing-fixes/) and Losti (see ... ader-hack/). At a minimum, we users need to at least thank them for their talent and incredible work.

(Incomplete) List:

DarkStarSword, PayPal:

PaulDusler, PayPal:

DHR, PayPal: dhr.donation@gmail.comd

Losti, PayPal:

masterotaku, PayPal:

DJ-RK, PayPal:

eqzitara, PayPal: eqzitara@YAHOO.COM

Helifax, PayPal:

sgsrules, PayPal:

Please share any additions or corrections.

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