Idiots guide to setting up 3D Vision

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Idiots guide to setting up 3D Vision

Post by 3DJack »

Can anyone here give me a simple guide to setting up Nvida 3D Vision?
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Re: Idiots guide to setting up 3D Vision

Post by laozi »

If you use "3D Fix Manager" ... nager.html

And read the guide page :

The other important thing is, you need to have in a box on your computer, many things ready to use if you have a problem.

DDU to uninstal nvidia driver in safe mod: ... nload.html
the nvidia driver version 425.31 ... 5872/en-us
and the last version of 3d fix manager.

if you have many problems, you uninstall your drivers with DDU in safe mod, you reinstal the 425.31 driver off line and you use 3dfix manager on line to install the last driver and the 3d vision driver and for finish, you put 3d fix directly with 3dfix manager and you are ready ;-)

It is easy ;-).

you have everting.

Sorry for my English it is not my native langage.

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