Arbitrary Surface Projection Mapping - DIY CAVE

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Arbitrary Surface Projection Mapping - DIY CAVE

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I thought this would be a good place to share a proof of concept of mine: Arbitrary-Surface Projection Mapping

Inspired by Paul Bourke's article, this project aims to enable the construction of DIY CAVEs using off-the-shelf hardware and game engines. It works by pre-baking the
mapping from projector pixel to world coordinate into the vertex color of a tesellated plane mesh. This world position is then reprojected through the user's viewpoint
camera in a shader, thus warping the projected image to compensate for the perspective/projective distortion of the user's view position.

This technique costs very little (computationally), allows for the use of an on-axis projection matrix, can compensate for curved reflecting surfaces, can trivially be
extended to stereo, and enables the construction/calibration of complex projecting systems using existing VR hardware (Vive and a standard gaming rig).

Here are a couple of pictures (showing what a flat grid pattern looks like before correction, and what it looks like after correction):
Image Image

And here's a short video of poor quality:

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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Re: Arbitrary Surface Projection Mapping - DIY CAVE

Post by cybereality »

That's awesome. Even with the potato video quality.

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Re: Arbitrary Surface Projection Mapping - DIY CAVE

Post by Kajos »

This is really awesome.
Could you tell a bit more about it?
Such as, what did you use to build the mirror?
Do you use a camera for correction, or convert coordinates manually?

I always assumed this would be a good way to make short throw projectors.

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Re: Arbitrary Surface Projection Mapping - DIY CAVE

Post by brantlew »

Cool. Nice project.

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Re: Arbitrary Surface Projection Mapping - DIY CAVE

Post by Jabberwock »

Have you considered using a 3D scanner, such as Kinect, for geometry mapping?

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