Mouse wheel management

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Mouse wheel management

Post by Flyjet »

I'm a French physically disabled gamer. I'm currently still using GlovePIE (because I know it well and it generally works fine) for sending multiple keystrokes I can't manage to do in real.

My problem is the mouse wheel management in GLovePIE is weird. Indeed, my physical trackball doesn't have any wheel, so I want to simulate it with GlovePIE. I have this code in most of my script :

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Mouse.WheelDown = swallow(Keyboard.PageDown)
Mouse.WheelUp = swallow(Keyboard.PageUp)
But, in most game even if I release the PageUp/PageDown key, the movement of the "simulated" wheel will continue until I press the opposite key.

Now, the real question : Will FreePie do the same ? (hopefully not) If I convert my numerous scripts correctly of course.


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Re: Mouse wheel management

Post by Jabberwock »

As for GlovePIE, the issue possibly is that you send a mouse scroll in each frame the PageDown/Up is pressed. So if you hold the key for one second, you probably send 40 wheel scrolls...

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