Star Wars Battleforent (2015)

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Star Wars Battleforent (2015)

Post by Nerus »


I can't run game in 3D mode (side by side) - not in split mode just run like standard game, I think problem is in configuration of Vireio.
Game support DX11.

2x GTX 980 ti
Android: OnePlus One

Windows 10 x64
Vireio 4
Nvidia Game Stream
Moonlight Game Streaming (android wrapper)


Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <profile game_name="STAR WARS Battlefront" game_exe="starwarsbattlefront.exe" cpu_architecture="32bit" />
  • Game is supported by vireio ?
  • Is there a chance to fix it ?

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Re: Star Wars Battleforent (2015)

Post by EisernSchild »

Hi Nerus !

Sorry for my late answer. You need to add > dx_version="11" < to the //cfg_v4//profiles.xml file to play the (DX11) game in the Vireio Cinema on HMD. For side-by-side we did not add a standard profile for the latest alpha 3 release. Should work when we eventually release the driver soon.

I personally do not have the game so we do not have a stereo profile for now, let's see what we can do when the driver is finished.

Regards, Denis

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