Placebo effect and virtual reality

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Placebo effect and virtual reality

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A program called Insight recently aired on Australian TV and this weeks' subject was "The placebo effect".

At 43 min 30 sec into the program, mention is made of a woman with whiplash injury who used an Oculus Rift to rehabilitate her neck problem.
Placebo - Is everything just in our mind? Insight asks how strong is the placebo effect, and how can we best utilise it? Australian current affairs forum hosted by award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie. (An SBS Production) CC ... ht-placebo

Interestingly, the placebo effect can be used to reduce symptoms of nausea.

It is known that virtual reality experiences can cause nausea.

The $64 question is whether virtual reality training can suppress the nausea caused by using virtual reality headsets.


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