Augmented reality to control robots

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Augmented reality to control robots

Post by eliosrobotics »

Hi everyone,

I am the co-founder of a *very* early stage start up looking to use VR gloves and headsets to control remote robots. We're exploring the possible use cases for this, like paying people to do your household chores, helping elderly people, working in hazardous environments, or even just as a cool technology that people would get involved with helping us with. We're going to chart our progress in developing this and think it would be great if we could get your feedback on what you think, what you'd use it for, and even if you'd be interested in getting involved.

Check us out at

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Re: Augmented reality to control robots

Post by zalo »

This latest generation of AR Headsets seems to be coming with environmental reconstruction, positional tracking, and gesture control.

People will be able to set up and curate the environment their robots walk around in. Defining the locations of switches, knobs, doors, cabinets, etc. to allow autonomous robots to operate household/industrial appliances with dexterity.

I'd like to teach a robot where I keep the steaks, frying pans, burners, seasoning, bread, plates, and utensils at so I can tell it to make me a steak sandwich and it will just do it. Or if it were to make something similar, it could reuse all of the past definitions I've implanted and to concoct generic action plans based on the tools and resources I've given it access to (substitute online recipe's ToasterMax Oven for Sears Microwave etc.)

AR will allow us to finally communicate location and context to robots in a way that lets them interface with the human world.

Restriction to direct remote control is short sighted and a poor use of the coming technologies.

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