AFFECTED - The Oculus Rift Horror Experience

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AFFECTED - The Oculus Rift Horror Experience

Post by mpaul0055 »

UPDATE:V1.2 Is Now Live - See More Info Below.


Affected - The Horror Experience is not your average horror game. Designed specifically with the Oculus Rift in mind, you are transported to three different terrifying scenarios with just one aim, make it to the end!
There are no keys to find, pieces of paper to locate or mazes to get lost in, think of it as a modern day haunted house.

Its been developed by myself, Mark Paul and I've mainly used stock assets from the unity asset store and from around the inter webs. This is going to be the first of many releases from myself, and they certainly won't be all Horror based.
My next tittle will hopefully have you laughing, as much as Affected will have you crying for your mummy! :lol:

Thanks for all the support over the past 8 months, the forums have been a wealth of information!

And thanks to all the Beta testers, the information i got back from you guys was awesome. Especially DeepRifters mini novel! Awesome!! I hope you can all see the improvements from when you first started playing!

I really hope you enjoy the experience and if you feel like donating, then any amount would be appreciated to help fund my Unity Pro licence. It would also go towards the blood, sweat and tears that where poured into this development :ugeek: . Details can be found on my webpage below.

Format: PC ONLY (Mac Release 08/03/2014)
Version: 1.1

Controls: Xbox 360 Controller - Keyboard and mouse
Press the Start button or P to Pause the game
(Make sure your controller is turned on before loading the affected exe for full functionality)

Known Bugs: If you change the level after calling the lift, it will effect what level is loaded (fix due this weekend)

V1.1 Update:
*Amplify Colour Post Processing Added
*Carnival Level Bug Fix
*Unity 4.3 Umbra Occlusion Culling
*Slight change to the final Asylum scare

v1.2 Updates:
Carnival Scare Optimisation
Asylum Scare Timing Change

Performance Tips:
*If your FPS are under 60 please use the Rifts native resolution of 1280 x 800
*Fastest and simple graphics setting can help your FPS and will degrade gracefully
*v1.0 is still live if you experience any issues
Download Here: ... and-donate

Get In Touch:

Donate: PayPal -

For more information on Affected visit

Updates Due - Colour Correction & Known Bug Fixes
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Re: AFFECTED - The Oculus Rift Horror Experience

Post by cybereality »

Looking good. I still have to check out the demo (but I'm a little scared).

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Re: AFFECTED - The Oculus Rift Horror Experience

Post by squibbfire »

WOW! This is fantastic and FREE!.

Excellent demo to showcase the rift !
Very impressed. Looking forward for your first major full game released! Your demo has sold me!
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Re: AFFECTED - The Oculus Rift Horror Experience

Post by silar »

This is still by far the best use of the Rift for horror. It's more like a haunted house that you walk through than a game. The rotating thing in the carnival was crazy. Made me feel just like I was there.

This is my favorite so far!

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