Heli-Hell 2 - Rift chopper sim demo

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Re: Heli-Hell 2 - Rift chopper sim demo

Post by zacherynuk »

Enzo wrote:Please, please enable joystick support for Z(roll), X(Pitch), Y(yaw) and reversing throttle. Love the demo except the controls drive me batty and the sim is so immersive, enabling accurate controls would be the icing on the cake!
^ This - you do spend so much time learning to fly with the mad controls. Even with my logitech extreme 3d pro which I use for flying in BF3 is super awkward

Still a great tech demo though

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Re: Heli-Hell 2 - Rift chopper sim demo

Post by WiredEarp »

I'm hoping the author will be releasing a full game based on the concept. I can see with the addition of multiplayer and weapons, along with improved physics it could be great.

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Re: Heli-Hell 2 - Rift chopper sim demo

Post by Coasterpro »

I'm trying positional tracking for the first time, using the Hydra left controller strapped to the top of the Rift. The actual movement of the positional tracking works. However, left and right are inverted. When I lean left the camera leans right. Forward/back and up/down are okay. I have scoured the internet looking for a solution but found nothing. Any ideas?


Solved. Hydra base station was turned backwards. :oops:

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Re: Heli-Hell 2 - Rift chopper sim demo

Post by eyeandeye »

Just tried Heli-Hell (2?) with Hydra. First time flying a copter in the Rift, and at first it made me a little bit motion sick which has only happened in one other demo (Skyrifters. Primarily when turning around to look at the tail of the plane). After I got used to the range of motion of the helicopter it got much better. My Hydra base station was turned sideways at first since I didn't think that was a problem, and I had a few minutes of what-the-fuckery going on as I tried to figure out why I was leaning forward in the game when I leaned to the left in meat space.

I'm super excited for the new wireless STEM system from Sixense. I hope for it to have much-increased range, precision and accuracy, and a longer USB cable connecting it to my PC.

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Re: Heli-Hell 2 - Rift chopper sim demo

Post by dee0007 »

Can someone pls tell me how to control this heli. First of all, when I start the game Im in the gunner position?? why? and better yet, how do I move to the pilots position. And maybe that is why I cant control the helicopter with my joystick when I press j? When I move the joystick around it moves in weird positions even though I mapped it with joytokey.
Im using a msffb2 joystick and I have ch pro pedals. How do I map the joystick and pedals? using joytokey? if so, how do I map the throttle slider?
I just don't get it, I tried re-installing it, also when I press enter it takes me out of the game with some error msg.

Any recommendations?

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