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 IGA: Virtual Tours, incl. USS Enterprise NCC 1701 
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This is a cross post from the oculusvr developer forums:

Hey guys, I've decided in an effort to build a good understanding of VR game development, and to begin developing the underlying structure for future VR game projects I have that I will be putting together a few simple tourism/exploration type "games." The basis for these experiences are fairly straight forward: put the player in control of a character in a unique environment, where the goal is simple to walk around and explore, very similar to the Tuscany demo that ships with the sdk. The main difference is that, at least for some of these experiences, there will be considerably more interactivity, and a much larger location to explore. As of right now I have two planned "games" in mind, both of which will likely use UDK and the same pawn code, so they will control identically but with different graphics and whatnot. The first, and simplest of the two will be an abandoned hospital/asylum environment, damaged walls, peeling paint, broken windows, and a great lack of light. The second environment, and this is the one that will probably take the most time, is an accurate recreation of the interior of the USS Enterprise model NCC 1701 from Star Trek: The Original Series. Sounds like a tall order for sure, luckily I already have over 1 gig of meshes and textures that I can use to assemble the ship. However the models and textures are in the wrong file format, and over the next couple of weeks I will begin the conversion process. It will be a time consuming process, which I plan to document here in this thread. So do keep your eyes peeled as I begin to assemble these environments, and eventually post links to where you can find them.

To pique your interest, I've attached a screenshot of the bridge ship, mostly unlit, using a cheap d3d capture. In UDK it will look significantly better ;)

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Mon May 27, 2013 1:28 pm
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This is a really interesting project, I canĀ“t wait for more information on it.


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Mon May 27, 2013 2:04 pm
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Hey, cool! I've been rewatching TOS episodes for the past few weeks and greatly enjoying myself; I'd love to crawl around in that ship, VR-style! Now, please do us all a favor and shut the hell up about this until you're finished with it and you've already put the proverbial pee into the pool that is the Internet - if you talk any louder you'll get the inevitable CBS/Paramount/Viacom nastygram before you publish a WIP demo, and we'll never even get out of the spacedock! :cry:

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Mon May 27, 2013 3:03 pm
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Lol I think i'll be okay. The models that I'm using have been freely available (for freeware use only) since 2009 I believe, and I dont intend to make any money off of this, merely the experience programming the underlying gameplay structure which I intend to use in a commercial project.

I'm making some progress on the conversion process, just processed about 240 textures to png format, and around 51 structural meshes to ase format for loading into udk. Still have many more decor meshes to convert, however.

Mon May 27, 2013 3:20 pm
Binocular Vision CONFIRMED!

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Wow, can't wait!

Fri May 31, 2013 10:18 pm
Binocular Vision CONFIRMED!
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Thanks for the support! Development has been slow on this as i've been focusing a great deal on my other project, Combat Cats which you can find here: ... ombat-cats

Hell, if i can figure out a good way, might even be able to get the rift supported in that! XD

Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:42 pm
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