Important Reading For Game Developers in MTBS' Forums

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Important Reading For Game Developers in MTBS' Forums

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Dear Game Developers,

There is a growing trend where independent software makers are posting their VR, AR, and 3D hopes and dreams in MTBS' forums. While we welcome all input here, an opportunity is being missed because threads are easily buried, off track, and forgotten. If there is something exciting to share, please make a point to PM me before posting in our forums. Provided it isn't too self promotional and content remains interesting for our members, we can easily arrange a blog space with forum threads attached. This will come across better, the content will look better, and it will make what you have to share easy to find in the long term.

MTBS is also the consumer arm of The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA), a non-profit organization focused on making immersive technologies like AR, VR and 3D very successful. We are non-proprietary and have no vested interests in specific companies. This community would not be possible without the alliance. The independent game developer market is very important to immersive technology, and your involvement is welcome.

Best wishes,

Neil Schneider,
Meant to be Seen


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