M3GA Beta 1 Launched!

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M3GA Beta 1 Launched!

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

We are very please to announce the first beta release of MTBS' 3D Game Analyzer!

While the above link gives a rundown of what M3GA is about, here is a brief list of features and known issues to be aware of:

1. Once practiced, the system only takes a few moments for game entry.
2. The system records your most recent system settings. There is no need to re-enter your computer information every time you submit a game.
3. In addition to the certification levels, there is a secondary scoring system. This is still being calibrated.
4. If you resubmit a game with identical hardware and identical driver versions, you will overwrite your previous entry - otherwise it's a new submission. We recognize that older drivers occasionally work better than newer drivers. Also, people make mistakes and may need to revisit their work.
5. M3GA lets you view results according to driver type, OS, and brand. With enough accurate submissions, it's a great way to trend driver performance.
6. If a game supports more than one DirectX mode, each mode is treated as a unique game submission.

Some bugs we expect to be cleared by this time tomorrow include:

1. The certification logos look a bit off.
2. The URL for M3GA will need to be changed so people can easily crosslink profiles. - FIXED
3. The indexing isn't quite right on the results and analysis page. - FIXED
4. Some of the question text is having minor adjustments for clarity.

While we have several new feature ideas, we would like to turn it over to the membership to share their feedback in our forums.

I would also like to thank Vadim Krivosheyev for being the lead programmer for M3GA, Yuriy Nikshych for the graphics work in the associated S-3D Gaming Anomaly Guide, and Cris Villalobos for all the MTBS Certification artwork.

So help your fellow gamers out, and start making submissions!


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