Broomstick Racing "newgame Witch's Dream"

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Broomstick Racing "newgame Witch's Dream"

Post by Dom »

Hi I have been looking for a new game to get into and with all the games out I always think to what could be with sound and graphics on a computer. For the last 8 months I have been looking for a witch broomstick flying multiplayer/singleplayer game that has some skilled gameplay like as with some of the new warfare game, arma, crysis, cod quake 3,4 , left4dead and others I imagine. I could only find harry potter such game and broomstick racing games. They seem nice but have no real hunting or courage skills. There is also Trine that has a sense of mystical realm with the quarter moon and magic uses. These games perform well in stereo3d and I have to say with more better games coming out defining real life scenes and sound physics and gameplay I comit myself to giving input to the community software developers and forums from my experiences. I am so into virtual reality that I want to imagine a future with games that will make your chin drop and want more, better is best.

Is there anyone else that want to play a good witch's broomstick multiplayer game with objectives. By this I mean is like in crysis you have a powerstruggle, I don't want to explain PS in crysis but turning that into a witch's broomstick flying game would be supreme. The map size would allow to acheive everything a game like this has to offer. The basic principle is to run steal, collect and hide. I take this from knowing how the fantasy witch world is from narnia when the witchs were flying around and the sense of earry unkown. So I know there are mod software builders and programers that could make this really simple.

So this is how it is in short. There are two teams and three characters, knight, witch, sorceror. Girls should be able to play with the witch if so. Using the characters have a broomstick to fly to objectives. One objective is the gather berries to mix a stew to raise a dragon in a cave that the dragon will end the game upon destrying the enemy team base castle. Berries and a sword have to be given to an egg that takes time to hatch and become a dragon. So to start the game you need at least two person per team. Maybe the knight could ride a horse to mix through the woods instead of broomstick flying. The map would contain three forests a quarter moon mist and two castles one for each team, also two caves for the dragons one dark red dragon and one light blue dragon, maybe depending on which exact berries were taken. To get back at the other ean the witch has the ability to steal the berries and sword by simulating the other teammate with a click of the mouse switch to a different character like in crysis you can switch nano modes. This is why I like crysis PS as an engine to use for this type of simulation. The other team would only know about the change in character is to look near the belt to see a change or oftone in color to know they been rooked. Meanwhile the witch could run real fast and fly away in a broomstick through a forest and duck around corners and hide out till there is cover to raise her dragon more. If the knight made it to the other teams cave he could slice the egg in two and then the team would have to start all over. And the sorceror would have the same abilities as the witch and such so would make for an awesome witchs dream game.

I want this game to be out and don't know if anyone can do hopefully it is already being made cause it will be the best. My System specs In HTML


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