TriDef 3D experience???

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TriDef 3D experience???

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I've used TriDef 3D experience, and from what I can tell the 3D seems to be much more advanced. You can apply 3D effects not just by creating 2 perspectives, but you can apply the 3D to everything according to it's place in the 3D environment. It's called virtual 3D. This gets rid of ghosting and depth problems on pretty much any game. It also has other little features like agressive hud/UI detection to make sure 2D effects are not spoiled in the 3D world, and many other useful features.

My question is, has anyone used Tridef 3D with the registered version? The extra goodies I was talking about are just a couple of things you get in the trial version but the registered version has way more extra things I haven't tested yet.
I've tested Tridef with Crysis and all other stereo drivers create depth problems but Tridef is the only one that works flawlessly. So has anyone seen the full version yet? Thanks.
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