M3GA Moving to Stage II

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M3GA Moving to Stage II

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

We are moving on to the next stage for MTBS' 3D Game Analyzer (M3GA), and we need to accomplish two goals:

1. The wording has to be simple, easy to understand, and user friendly.
2. We need visual samples to go with the program. If people don't fully understand the text, they should be able to click on a thumbnail, and see what is being discussed.

To help our efforts, can readers please upload or attach samples of the following problems, and indicate which image is associated with which problem? If you can find a better way of phrasing the text to make it immediately understood, that would be helpful too. Please include before and after text to make sure things are clear.

Please respond directly to this thread.

Primary or Unacceptable Errors/Flaws:

- Large flashing textures.
- Strange cut-out shapes or clear visual flaws that appear as you adjust your S-3D experience.
- Objects disappear in one or both eyes (with the exception of reasonably high convergence settings)
- Fire and similar blur effects that render in 2D instead of 3D.
- Light sources and lights that seem to mismatch from each other.
- Shadows that seriously disconnect from the objects they represent as S-3D settings are adjusted.
- Shadows that disappear in one eye in over 95% of the game.
- Shadows that render properly in one eye, but create a dark film or anomaly in the other eye in over 95% of the game.
- The HUD uncomfortably splits when S-3D settings are adjusted.
- Obvious inconsistency and depth rendering errors between game objects like trees, cars, buildings, etc. An example could be a tree in the distance rendered at screen depth.
- Depth of an object is seriously inconsistent to its actual location.
- An object rendered at a far depth is hiding a closer object.
- A special blur or lighting effect that only works in one eye instead of both.
- An inability to adjust the S-3D experience properly because of post processing effects (when you can't turn post processing off)
- A doubled image or object due to software error. For example, the left eye shows a single tree, while the right eye shows two trees.

Secondary or Forgivable Flaws:

- Rare flicker or flashing patterns that can easily be ignored (do not include hardware flaws with this anomaly)
- Shadows that occasionally flash or render at the wrong depth.
- Shadows rendered at screen depth, and appear in both eyes, but are not separated proportionately like the other screen objects.
- Player tags or markings associated with game characters are not rendered at the depth of the object (e.g. game tags are rendered at screen depth instead of the same depth as the player)
- The background terrain is rendered in 2D or at screen depth instead of S-3D. For example, while looking at the screen without 3D glasses, teh background terrain or sky refuses to split apart at all (e.g. mountains, clouds, buildings, etc.) compared to other parts of the image.
- Poorly rendered reflections (water, glass).
- Just part of the HUD splits uncomfortably (e.g. half a cross-hair, a 3D component, etc)

Thanks in advance,

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Re: M3GA Moving to Stage II

Post by yuriythebest »

"GUI doesn't render in second eye"
Oculus Rift / 3d Sucks - 2D FTW!!!

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