GameGradeVR is Operational!

GameGrade3D is a new gamer driven database of the top games, their best settings, and the visual results you can expect using DDD, iZ3D, NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision, and native 3D solutions.

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GameGradeVR is Operational!

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

MTBS is pleased to announce that GameGradeVR is up and running!

Targeted to advanced VR gamers and software makers, GGVR is destined to be the best place to figure out which games are VR Ready and what special requirements are needed to get your VR experiences looking (and feeling) their best!

At this time, GGVR supports DDD's TriDef Ignition, Virieo Preception, and VorpX. There is also a special category for native VR and native VR modifications that don't require middleware drivers. All the criteria are designed to be objective, and as long as submissions are honest and detailed, the entries will hold up to public scrutiny. GameGradeVR is a Quality Assurance test, and should not be mistaken for a subjective or "gut feel" judgment on which games are VR Ready. GGVR does have a subjective score entry, but it does not impact the final listing's certification rating.

We are so confident that the criteria is objective, it's even acceptable for software makers to make their own submissions. Just remember that submissions are limited to true stereoscopic 3D rendering (not 2D+Depth or Z-Buffer, etc.) and that all entries must be both complete and honest. Otherwise, the community will see through it very quickly, and that would be counterproductive for everyone.

The scoring and criteria are subject to updates and changes as we learn more and new VR experiences are made available.

We have exciting plans for the service, so all constructive input and ideas are valued.


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