Need New Interface for Game Grade 3D

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Need New Interface for Game Grade 3D

Post by 3DWolf »

I really love what Game Grade 3D is trying to do. But the interface is very clunky to say the least. Somehow it just isn't as easy, fast, or intuitive as it should be. I am not sure what it should look like, but I know it shouldn't look like it does. If you use it enough it isn't too bad to navigate. But I still give it a "F" for the interface.

A few meager suggestions and comments:
1. Why doesn't "Group By" have the certification level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)? I would like all the Platinum certifications to be listed for my drivers (Nvidia). Then I might look at the Gold certifications later. At least we should be able to sort them like that.

2. Why does it even say "Stereo Driver Version" and then "All" and "Latest"? If I hit latest for my drivers, NVidia, only one game comes up. Does that mean only one game has been reviewed for the latest drivers? And who decides what are the latest drivers? Does it has to be the ones issued this week? Because this sits just under "Group By" it looks like it may be part of that Group, but it isn't I don't think. Or is it? It is very confusing and should be shown differently. Wow!

3. When I'm sorting by drivers why do the other driver columns have to remain taking up space? Seriously?

4. When your viewing a list of game titles I think everyone intuitively knows to click the title of the game they want to review. But when clicked it gives you another page of just that game and says Game Title again. I know to click each of those for a review. But it is confusing. Perhaps the heading "Game Review" could appear on the second page instead of Game Title again. We know it is the title. We are looking for the review. It is little things like this that will turn people away.

Again, I may be nitpicking. But you are probably losing a lot of traffic because of the way it looks. You only have a few seconds to impress the person browsing. I just think this could be done so much better. I just want to see your effort work because it's the best review setup on the net. It's just the interface that needs some tweaks.

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Re: Need New Interface for Game Grade 3D

Post by Neil »

This is valuable feedback. Let me see what we can do with it.


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