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DCS A-10C working in 3D

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:53 am
by InvaderZIM
Hey Guys,

To those interested, it seems that DCS A-10C is working properly in 3D, using NVIDA 3D vision Live.

Link to in game photos are here:

Link to our forum member who got it all working if you want to read the details on his setup:

Also, from others getting DCS A-10C running in 3D

iZ3DDriverSetup.1.10b3 (1.09.0034) is working with DCS 64Bit !
Tested with AMD catalyst 12.1

(The newest IZ3D 1.12 is not working)

AA setting in game will not work - you will have to force AA settings with the CCC.

Just a heads up for any flight sim fans trying to get this up and running in 3D

Re: DCS A-10C working in 3D

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:55 am
by Neil
Hi InvaderZIM,

Thanks for the heads-up. Two important points to be aware of!

I. These are the GameGrade3D forums. Please make a submission for each driver you tried. We take a very measured approach to what works and what doesn't in 3D.

II. For the love of 3D, why are you wasting your valuable bandwidth on those two dimensional 3D Vision galleries?!? Upload your images to our gallery at Copy the stereoscopic BBCODE (stImg) to these forums, and voila!

[stimg url= ... 011-ab.jpg] ... 011-ab.jpg[/stimg]

You've got some hot 3D, baby that works on all 3D displays including Nvidia 3D Vision glasses (in full screen mode).


Or, if you are using an external forum, you can copy the thumbnail BBCODE, and have thumbnails that similarly link to an actual 3D image for all solutions. Why limit yourself?