Suggestion: bring to light reports with the last S3D driver

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Suggestion: bring to light reports with the last S3D driver

Post by Guig2000 »


I suggest that the GG3D database should bring to light reports with the lasts S3D drivers because they are the more valuable for the final user (who generally use the last available driver).

By default, when there is multiple submissions for a single game, only reports with the younger driver should be displayed. In example if a game has been submitted in the S3D database with iZ3D 1.10 and iZ3D 1.13 driver, by default only the reports with the 1.13 driver should be displayed.
When a game have not any report with the last releases of the S3D drivers, a warning should be displayed on the line of the game or maybe the game could have a darker color (especially if the S3D driver is very old.

Of course the user could tick some option "Also display reports using earlier stereo3D drivers", because older reports are also interresting and because sometimes some games works better in S3D with an older S3D driver.

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