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GG3D website Suggestion
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Author:  Dom [ Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  GG3D website Suggestion

Hi, Neil I would suggest you inplement some kind of actual stereo3d playback either from pictures or video. Youtube does have ability to embed on websites now in 3d modes. Also ... r-website/

Umm, you ever though about using some flash media web template designs. Even making a whole flash website where you can enable and disable 3d for intros and reading stats. I'm not talking about rearanging but adding a more imersive page and guide with intros and where you could keep 3d videos kinda like how 3d vision keeps their stuff online and also intergrate some of your GG3D database into 3d.

I would love to work on something like that myself, I'm not sure if theres any 3d templates though.

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