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M3GA Upgrade Requests (Console)

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:30 am
by Neil
While M3GA has done a great job of covering the PC gaming space, I think we need to do something similar for the console market. Can our members share ideas on what kinds of information should be stored in a community driven database for gamers looking for S-3D compatibility? What are the markers that separate one S-3D game apart from another in the console world?

All ideas welcome.


Re: M3GA Upgrade Requests (Console)

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:32 am
by cybereality
Personally I would like to see console games having the same type of S3D adjustments as we have on the PC drivers. At the very least, separation and convergence. They might accommodate novice users by first having a simple slider, with 3 or more presets (ie "mild", "moderate", "extreme"), which would actually adjust the real settings to a set of ones approved by the developer. Then there would be an "advanced 3D settings" which would allow you to adjust this as you please and save it in a "custom" preset. If this is too much for the console market, then they should at least have a "depth" slider to give users some control.

Re: M3GA Upgrade Requests (Console)

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:23 pm
by android78
I think the main points that would distinguish one console game from another would be:
1. Anomalies - general shadows, particle effects, reflections, etc.
2. HUD - is the HUD drawn at the right depth and do objects ruin the effect?
3. Gun - is it drawn 10 times bigger then it should be? Even COD for the xbox draws the gun far bigger then it realistically should be. This really ruins the immersion for me more then any other anomaly.
4. Setup - is it configurable? How much popout and/or depth can be achieved? Do the extreme settings cause any issues?
5. Performance - How much of a performance or graphical resolution drop is caused when 3D is enabled?
6. Playability - When 3D is enabled, is it still as playable or more playable? Does 3D make it more difficult?
7. Plug-and-play - Is it as easy as flicking a switch to turn it on? Does it auto-detect? Are there a million things you have to do to make it work? This is important since console users are used to not having to configure everything. One main advantage over PC.

These may depend on the game type. I mainly play FPS, so things like HUD and gun are important. Might not be really important for side scroller.