M3GA Suggestions thread

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M3GA Suggestions thread

Post by yuriythebest »

M3GA is great and can potentially become the most fair and unbiased s3d game rating tool, however for this we must all contribute our suggestions to make both the ratings fairer, and the interface more intuitive to end users. I'll get the ball rolling.
first for a case study lets take UT3. what happened there was that the game recieved an uncertified rank in an old driver version, and a good rank in a new version. this brought it's rating down. So, even though a new driver version exists the game still suffers because it doesn't work on an older driver? hardly fair. Indeed, 2 situations might present themselves, the first being where a game first works fine/acceptably but is broken in a newer driver, and as such even though it works fine on an older one it is still shown to have a low rating even though it can be experienced to a far better extent than that rating - this can mislead users. Additionally, in the second example, which is even more unfair, the game gets punished for a a flaw that has already been fixed - hardly fair towards the hard work of the driver manufacturer. soo... here lies the dilema - how to present all this in a fair and balanced way while not changing the facts. well I propose this - first, a separate average rating is determined for each driver version, and the highest one is selected and this is the one that's displayed on the main list - users can still see the ratings for all driver versions if they click on the game. Otherwise if this is not done games will be punished if driver manufacturers mess something up in a future version and driver manufacturers get punished even if they updated the issue in a newer release but the old one still holds weight.
Additionally, I think the main page gives a somewhat diluted result since the overall game rating might be -uncertified or very low but the game might work pretty well with some drivers and not so with others so to make it more self-explanatory I suggest this:
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Re: M3GA Suggestions thread

Post by Neil »

Hi Guys!

I'm still on the road, but the numeric scoring system will be adjusted this week. We have a scoring system lined up ready to be tweaked, etc. We just didn't have time to implement it yet.

Please keep the suggestions coming, though. It's much appreciated!


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