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Installing Xbox one

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:44 am
by JainJude
So I just got an Xbox one x to play the Gears of War franchise and some other exclusives. But poop I'm losing my mind because I haven't been able to install a single game. They all stop 8% into installation after taking soo long to start. I subscribed to Game pass and EA Access and no game is installing. Not even 1. I already have Battlefield V on my PlayStation pro so deleted it and decided to download again just to make sure it wasn't my internet. But the game is not downloading at all on the Xbox including other games. Apps like Spotify, EA Access, Dolby Access, etc did install. This is my very first time using an Xbox and I'm beginning to regret my purchase. The UI is also confusing compared to the PlayStation UI but I will get used to it with time I guess. Please, can you show me how to solve this problem? If not then I guess I just have to return the console the stick to my PlayStation. Thank You
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