Wreckfest coming to console soon

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Wreckfest coming to console soon

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I am not sure if anyone has been following this but Bugbear studios who formally made the Flat out series have turned their hand at banger racing.

Originally titled next car game they released an impressive physics demo on pc and went down the early access road.

Some years ago I backed them with the promise of a console download code when it launches and for quite some time this seemed like it would never happen, not having a PC I've not played it. Fairly hyped to see them finally tweet about console.

https://twitter.com/bugbeargames/status ... 80/photo/1

If your interested in what the game is then here is the trailer

https://youtu.be/cbsDiIuI7KQ mcdvoice

Loads of YouTube content out there. It's been too long since a good destruction derby game or even game mode.

Release should be Xbox and PlayStation

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