Mortal Kombat S-3D on PS3

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Mortal Kombat S-3D on PS3

Post by Fasty »

Just thought I'd post this quick review as I haven't seen any reviews or anything regarding the 3D quality in Mortal Kombat.

It's a bit hit and miss. It's quite obvious that it uses the same 2D+depth technology that Crysis2 uses, as rendering artifacts are present around the edges of prominant foreground objects (usually your character). As such, much of the text in the game becomes virually illegible. Text sits in front of screen level too, which doesn't help.

Effects such as flames in the background cross over between between foreground and background and are quite sloppily handled. Any post processing effects are a mess generally speaking. For example, Jonny Cage's fireballs appear to exist a lot more in the foreground than the character.

The worst offenders though are the cut-scenes. Some are in 3D, some aren't, and some I couldn't figure out at all. And the cut-scenes that are in 3D have really bad depth issues.

All this said, it is still quite playable in 3D mode and I do enjoy it. There are moments when the 3D works amazingly well (characters in the background shooting projectiles at you for example), it's just a huge shame they went with the 2.5D way of doing things which produces all the above issues.

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Re: Mortal Kombat S-3D on PS3

Post by cybereality »

Sounds crappy. Thanks for the heads up.

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