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 Sony ps3 3d display output options (Checkerboard,Interlaced) 
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Sony needs to update their 3d driver for usage of other formats. Checkerboard, red/cyan, red/green ect, interlaced and sensio. What would be the big deal, and they will loose out on the Sony motto of everything 3d if they don't. So many people bought 3d ready projectors and a ps3 thinking it would work. Sadly most are returning the stuff back and say " I will wait till something better comes out". Anyways since sensio is releasing their tech why don't sony grab it up and make use of adding their whole line of games to the 3d effect with lets say a 3d patch for each game. These guys are missing out on the whole diverse experience this 3d field is worth. Just waiting for a good AAA game in 3d sucks and we want the old AAA games that we never finished or bought yet in 3D.

I really hope they forget about the bandwidth issues and bottlenecks that come with console 3d gaming and focus on output modes, reverters and patching games for 3d. Even add to their xmb line suite "connect to cloud for 3d gaming" and will alleviate most of the bottlenecks. And whats the sense of using the "cell broadband processor" super computer if it ain't connected to a broadband modem to the cloud, for increased performance. I am sure sony has a mainframe somewhere for their "Sony Online" stuff servers and such. If they are going to make the ps3 for the next 2 years I guess, they might as well use the resources thats out now a days.

Just to say I don't have a ps3 and don't play console to much but if I move and have more room for another home theatre and extra plugins I would buy one for Red Dead Redemption in a heartbeat. Not superstardust.

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Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:04 am
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Yeah, it would be cool if Sony would support "legacy" 3D formats but I seriously doubt they will. They have a vested interest in selling 3D HDTVs, so pushing HDMI 1.4 compatible sets is what they are going to do. Plus, I am not sure supporting anaglyph would necessarily help the adoption of 3D HDTVs and Blu-Ray. People might just try out the anaglyph and think it sucks and get the wrong impression. Of course I would want support for checkerboard and other formats like that, but its pretty surely not going to happen. The best you can hope for is adapters like Mitsubishi and Optoma are doing for their customers. Personally I am not buying a new TV/PJ until all the dust settles and everything coming out is standard. I am hoping for an affordable 1080P HDMI 1.4 projector. Anything less and I will feel like I wasted my money just to ride the 3D-hype-train.

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Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:18 pm
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I just got the viewsonic PGD-250 dlp link glasses and they have transformed my PS3 3D gaming when using my Sammy 67" LED DLP. The picture kills my brand new Sammy 46" 8000 series LED LCD.

Loving the immersion. Motorstorm 3D rift is incredible.

Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:02 pm
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