PS Move as emulated standard gamepad

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PS Move as emulated standard gamepad

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Hello everyone,
I have played a bit with the wiimote and was able to make a stable and quite functional mouse replacement implementation for PC FPSs with the GlovePIE and a "hybrid" script. This means that it is a good proof of concept that "standard" FPSs can be controlled with a "some-sort-of-pointing-device" approach.
I posses also a MAG II gun controller that emulates (not very successfully, but mainly due to a poor implementation/hardware) a standard PS3 gamepad compatible with all FPSs.
My question then comes naturally - why can't the PS Move be used as a replacement of PS3 gamepads through a middleware like GlovePIE or a hardware implementation like MAG II.
Well, the simple answer is obvious - Sony do not want you tinkering either with their PS3 control scheme or hardware. I think there is light on the horizon though - it seems that Sony is opening up a bit the PS Move through the on one side and is willing to "revive" the PS Move with the Project Morpheus on the other.
So, the real questions is then: Do you think there is a chance that Sony will implement emulation of a PS3/4 Controller with a PS Move? Or would any of the Playstation devs have that brilliant idea of such middleware?
I hope there will be something coming and this will not be another missed opportunity for the PS Move.

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Re: PS Move as emulated standard gamepad

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Seems the forum is dead. :(

Project Morpheus people! :)

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Re: PS Move as emulated standard gamepad

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Using the Dolphin Emulator you can bring your GameCube and Wii games to the next level TellPopeyes.

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