iZ3D Wins Peripheral of the Year Award!

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iZ3D Wins Peripheral of the Year Award!

Post by Neil »

Best Peripheral
iZ3D 22-Inch LCD
If 2009 becomes the year of the 3D game, it will be because of the gains made by companies like iZ3D in 2008. The 22-inch 3D LCD was the first real mass produced LCD monitor that let games literally take their favorite titles into the next dimension. Today the prices on these amazing monitors are falling rapidly, so the final barrier to 3D could soon be crossed. If it is, we can say that it with the iZ3D 22-Inch LCD.
http://www.gameindustry.com/goty/winners.asp" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Congratulate iZ3D on their accomplishment and share your thoughts. Almost 100,000 voters made this possible.

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Re: iZ3D Wins Peripheral of the Year Award!

Post by Likay »

Can not agree more! Congratulations IZ3D-team! :D
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Re: iZ3D Wins Peripheral of the Year Award!

Post by Znith »

That's awesome news! Congrats iZ3D!
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Re: iZ3D Wins Peripheral of the Year Award!

Post by johnoliver »

altho I have never tried IZ3D before (a previous emagin z800 gamer)....however, I couldn't agree more, IZ3D did REALLY help push the steps of stereo3d to the worldwide level 8)
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