s3d picture support

When you upload cross-eyed 3D images to our gallery, you can use the BBcode to make them viewable in native 3D in our discussion forums. Popular formats include AMD's HD3D, Nvidia 3D Vision, Oculus Rift, side by side, interlaced, anaglyph and more. Works with most leading web browsers on PC.

See 3D forum images in action!
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s3d picture support

Post by crash27 »

Great work Neil! Keep it up.
Any chance of ever adding s3d video support too?
I started playing with making cartoons, some in S3D and would post them when I'm done but I guess I could just give a you tube link.

Anyway thanks for all your hard work Neil!

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Re: s3d picture support

Post by Neil »

You're welcome. There are more things we'd like to try given the opportunity.

Videos are a possibility, but I think YouTube3D does a better job of it - though it would be helpful if they diversified their 3D support more. I'm more concerned about disk space than anything else.


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