MTBS' New 3D Gallery (YES, REALLY 3D!)

When you upload cross-eyed 3D images to our gallery, you can use the BBcode to make them viewable in native 3D in our discussion forums. Popular formats include AMD's HD3D, Nvidia 3D Vision, Oculus Rift, side by side, interlaced, anaglyph and more. Works with most leading web browsers on PC.

See 3D forum images in action!
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MTBS' New 3D Gallery (YES, REALLY 3D!)

Post by Neil »

Hello everyone!

We are trying something new on MTBS today. It's still a bit buggy and there is more work going into it, but I think everyone will be pleased with what we have come up with. Special thanks to Kirill Gavrilov for writing the plug-in and helping sort out the compatibility issues with our gallery.

Attached is an alpha version of sView which is making its first appearance here. As a 3D image viewer, it supports all the major 3D solutions in the market including AMD's HD3D, Nvidia 3D Vision, interlaced, DLP, dual-output (projectors), anaglyph, and more.

When visiting MTBS' gallery, there is now a stereo 3D viewing button. If your solution is capable of it, all 3D images will appear inline with the gallery, and it is no longer necessary to download pictures before viewing them. If you are using Nvidia or AMD HD3D compliant shutter glasses, just click the full screen toggle button, and you will be able to instantly view the images in 3D without extra downloading steps.

You can select your display technology by choosing "3D Stereo" in the gallery, going into fullscreen mode within the sView application, and choosing the correct display output. Once this is set, there is no need to repeat the process each time. In fact, the gallery will remember your settings as you go from one picture to the next!

The only caveat in getting this plugin to work is you must be using Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Internet Explorer isn't an option yet. There are additional browsers we haven't tested, so feel free to share your results in this forum!

Please post and gallery or related sView bugs and ideas here so we can make this an even better place for our members.

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