The Elder Scrolls Online

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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The Elder Scrolls Online

Post by FR3D »

does anyone know if Tes Online will be out of the box 3dvision / oculus rift compatible ?

I've mailed / asked bethesda, but no success until now.

Do you think there will be a a possibility to tweak the textures ? - parallax 3d textures, or even better 3d tesselation textures
(direct x11) - ok then we will need a directx 9 fall back mode ...

does anybody know something regarding this ?

I've read that it will be playabele in first person mode like all other bethesda games - so i hope it will be similar to skyrim ? with Helix mod ?

Best regards FR3D
best regards FR3D

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Re: The Elder Scrolls Online

Post by Callezetter »

I think that modding a MMORPG is a no, really. The idea
begind a mmo is for it to be fair to everyone playing.
If ppl start to mod it and get a better/faster/different
expeience that can (possibly) give them advantages in the game
that would ruin the whole idea of a balanced game.

If they include something built in, that is another thing ofcourse.
But i doubt they will make this modable.

On the other hand, the mod scene for the elder scrolls games is
huge so i cant see that they want to screw them over either. Since
that it part of what made it so successful. Not an easy choice. :)

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Re: The Elder Scrolls Online

Post by rmcclelland »

It's hard to say what the likelihood of TES online 3D support is. On one hand, Todd Howard hates 3D. However, he is not leading TES online. Also, Oblivion and Skyrim work great in 3D with some simple mods. I beleive TES online uses a different engine though, so its really anyone's guess.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls Online

Post by Feisty_Fernando »

It used to work with 3D Vision, had it running a few years back. Today I think they patched the launcher - while the game shows up in 3DFM, when you load the game it just stops at the login screen and prompts you to run the game from steam.

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Re: The Elder Scrolls Online

Post by schwing »

    Two possible reasons are either Steam is not running (if they use Steam API, e.g. Resident Evil 7) or Steam passes some login-related command line parameters to the game (when the game is launched from Steam) that launching the game directly doesn't (e.g. World War Z needed Epic Games Launcher to launch it). For the latter, 3DFM has a setting at the bottom of Application Settings that says "Prefer starting games via Steam Client (Steam app ID)". Maybe that will help.
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