3d From PC (Nvidia GTX-580 Ultra Durable) to TV

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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3d From PC (Nvidia GTX-580 Ultra Durable) to TV

Post by Voltan »

Hey Guys,

I have a question and hoping someone can answer it.

I am having a big headache trying to figure out if my PC with an Gigabyte GTX-580 Ultra Durable graphics card can output 3d to my LG 47LM7600 3D LED TV.

My tv's model isnt on the supported list for Nvidia's 3DTV and it is a passive 3d so it wont work with 3D Vision.

Also at the moment, I have my pc connected to it with a HDMI cable and have it as an extended desktop, but when my mouse goes over to the TV, the mouse cursor becomes really laggy, about 0.5 - 1 sec behind my movements, but the second i go back to my monitor it speeds up again!

Anyone got any thoughts or ideas for my problems would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Re: 3d From PC (Nvidia GTX-580 Ultra Durable) to TV

Post by cybereality »

Not sure about the lag issue, that may be specific to your TV. I would try disabling any post-processing the TV may be doing (ie tru-motion, motion-smoothing, etc.) and see if you can put the TV into PC mode. Also, maybe obvious, but make sure your TV in the Windows settings (or in the Nvidia panel) is set to 60Hz. If its on TV mode it may be at 24Hz which could look choppy.

In terms of 3D, I would look into the DDD TriDef driver. It has an interleaved mode that should work with passive 3D TVs.

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Re: 3d From PC (Nvidia GTX-580 Ultra Durable) to TV

Post by butmunch »

Hi Voltan,
I had teh uk 760t version,.
You can use the 3dvision interleaved mod, tut is on this forum, very easy todo and you'll achieve 1080p/60hz=60fps, not real 1080p but alot better than 3dtvplay and 720p.

As for the input lag, if you have it selected as Game or anything else that is'nt Pc then you will see lag, on all the lg sets i've had pc label gives better input lag than a Game label.
You can change it by bringing up your inputs and then pressing teh Blue button maybe, dno cant remember but if you look in your manual you'll find how to rename / label your inputs, Pc label removes all proccessing, game does'nt.
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