Samsung/Mitsubishi emitter query

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Samsung/Mitsubishi emitter query

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Really hope you guys can help. I'm tearing my hair out.

Have a HD65 with 3d firmware and a 3dxl with a set of dlp-link glasses.

Having researched on various forums, I was told I could get an emitter from 3d heaven which would work with my existing pairs of Samsung glasses (2100s) . Now having received said transmitter, they work perfectly if I wear them upside down. dlp mode, the projector has an option to invert the 3d signal to get the correct 3d effect. In ir mode this option does nothing and can only get the correct effect if ,as mentioned above, I wear them upside down.

The emitter doesn't have a reversal switch easy/hard would it be to fit a switch to it

If it's ok to link to the emitter...." onclick=";return false;

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Re: Samsung/Mitsubishi emitter query

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This is the problem with every manufacturer coming up with their own 3D glasses, no interoperability. I know there have been people that have built inverter themselves but you would probably need a degree in electrical engineering to follow them. Might be better just to buy more DLP-Link glasses.

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