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 Hacking eDimensional (X3D) VGA Dongle? 
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So a few years back I purchased an X3D dongle kit (apparently just a rebranding of the eDimensional kit) on Amazon in the hopes that I could possibly use these 3D glasses on a high refresh rate 2D display. I read a little about these glasses here on the forums and knew the odds were against me, but at $15 for the kit I couldn't resist trying.

So after many tests on differing LCD displays of about 75hz (I know, not a great idea, but I didn't have a CRT with VGA) I had minimal success. However, there was so much ghosting I eventually gave up.

Flash forward to this year, I purchased an MSI GS65 Stealth Thin laptop, which has a 144hz display. For the heck of it, I pulled out my X3D dongle and decided to try again.
Reconnecting the VGA dongle with the 75hz LCDs, the dongle functioned pretty well, albeit with much ghosting. Out of curiosity, I decided to try connecting the dongle to my laptop and unplugging the external LCD display. Now I found that when I set my laptop to 1080p duplicate display mode and 60hz, the glasses worked on my laptop screen! There was VERY little ghosting but unfortunately some flicker (as expected at 60hz).

Now here's the conundrum: I'd like to run these glasses with my laptop's full refresh rate of 144hz. However, it seems the glasses generally default to around the same refresh rate of the most recently connected display (I tried to up the refresh rate of my laptop, and the sync of the glasses remained the same as previous). The VGA dongle may output through the laptop, but it seems to default to the capabilities of the most recently connected external display.

How can I trick the VGA dongle into acting as if it were connected to an external 144hz display? I believe this would allow the glasses to sync properly with my laptop screen at this high refresh rate.

My setup is as follows:
GS65 Stealth Thin Laptop with GTX 1070 maxQ running Windows 10 Home
HDMI to VGA adapter (to output my laptop to the X3D dongle)
X3D Technologies dongle kit (X3D VGA dongle, wired eDimensional 3D glasses)
sView Image Viewer application (To activate and test the eDimensional glasses) in the OpenGL Emulated Shutter Glasses mode with VSync on and eDimensional glasses control codes enabled
If it helps, the external 75hz LCD I was testing with was a GEM 19" LCD

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:02 pm
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Hi, I don't think VGA will goto 1080p 144hz. I think the max it will do is 1080 60hz. Unless you get a CRT those will do 1024x768 120hz or 110hz, I know cause I have an e-dimensional kit and used to have a CRT that did 110hz. Looks like your LCD external display only does 75hz and going past that will not display an image or fry the monitor.

Theres this I found that might help : ... 4h9piWtTwM:

If you have the money I would recommend a 3d vision kit and monitor or projector. You can get a monitor for around 300 dollars and the 3d vision kit for about 160 I think. But you would have to make sure that your laptop can have either dual link dvi or display port. I've had a 3d vision monitor for 3 years now and before that too with an old display and CRT and its worth the money unless you can hack something like what I showed with the e-dimensional kit.

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