anybody tried a good Golf game ?

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anybody tried a good Golf game ?

Post by christ0ff »

I have a few (old) ones and I was wondering how they perform in S3D?

My specs:
2.4Ghz dual core - 2Gb Memory - 8800 GTS 512Mb
Nvidia 3d Vision + Viewsonic 120Hz
Windows 7 Ultimate - DX 11

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Re: anybody tried a good Golf game ?

Post by Gae43 »

I have Tiger Woods 07 and 08 for PC and have tried 07 in anaglyph 3D at some point. Using the nVidia stereo driver, I found it added a bit of depth but felt like "behind the plane" 3D. Compared to something like "Tomb Raider Legend" (using the iz3D driver) which has "pop out" and great 3D, this had no or little pop out. I must try it with the iz3d driver just to see if it's any better. That's if I can pull myself away from Avatar in 3D. :D
The Tiger Woods games are great golf games in 2D or 3D though. I've played 08 to death and it's great fun.


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