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Release Done

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Photoforms is now entering its release stage.

Some new features have been added at your request, and the interface is now a little friendlier with the inclusion of a standard toolbar.

The release will be done though the website, while the forums and image gallery will continue to be maintained by By the way, let's get some photoformed images into the gallery! Neil created a gallery section specifically for photoformed images. is now being updated more diligently, so that you can follow development closely. At the same time, we'll try to grow these forums. Since photoforming is a bit of an art, it makes sense to discuss techniques here. I know I've developed a few myself that make the process easier and more effective.

Visit for more info, and keep in mind that the site, like the program, is in a state of development.



Photoforms has been released.

Visit to download the program. Make sure to check the Getting Started page for information about changes that were made to the program.

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