Aug 2nd, Is the 2D Glass About to Break?

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Aug 2nd, Is the 2D Glass About to Break?

Post by Neil »

Is the lackluster response to DirectX 10 a sign that gamers are getting desensitized to 2D media content? If Windows Vista was as stable and popular as XP, and game developers had updated all their content, would DirectX 10 be a lot more thrilling than DirectX 9, or does the industry need something more?

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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Post by tentaclesex »

I think I see where you're leading with this. Incremental upgrades to visual fidelity become more and more subtle the closer you get to photo-realism. A much more impressive leap would be moving to stereoscopic 3D, which completely changes the experience.

On the other hand, there are a lot of factors that need to be in alignment for something like DirectX 10 to really take off. As you pointed out, Vista needs to be stable enough to attract more users. At the moment, it's stupid to publish Vista-only software (unless you're Microsoft). If they retrofitted XP with DirectX 10, it might help DirectX, but of course it wouldn't do Vista any favors, and they primarily want you to buy Vista.

Unlike the enthusiastic Xbox division, the Games For Windows thing doesn't seem to have much steam behind it.

DirectX 10 could be great; I think Vista is what's holding it back.

Although yes, I do fantasize about stereo 3D catching on in a major way. I would rather have some new games that work well in 3D (that are maybe *gasp* playtested with it) than yet more advanced shaders and lighting effects.

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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Post by Jahun »

100% with you on this Neil. Something like 3D is needed to make a big leap again in visual quality.

The problem however is a simple hardware solution. And shutterglasses are not it. I've heard too many people complain about them, and sadly that is what most people base their opinion upon. Also, the autostereo options some companies work on are expensive and not perfect either I think. An effort like IZ3D could be a very good one however. It needs to be affordable, give no headaches and most of all, be very simple.

Only then, when a simple and affordable 3d solution will start to sell a bit, slowly software may follow. It baffles me however that this obvious push to the next gfx level is still not getting much attention from the big companies.

I saw a review the other day, about Philips AmBX or something. It is a system they work on that should increase the immersiveness by 2 air fans (hey Sharky.. maybe they read your posts :) )and smell etc.. My god smell and air? And that's what they come up with? I like a new push but why doesn't a big company like Philips come up with a 3d monitor? They got the money for the research, they got the influence to try and get some game publishers along to support it (we know how easy it would be implemented).

But no, they have air fans and smell. Must have been years of hard work.. :|

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