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 [DIY] Samsung / Mitsubishi shutterglasses IR emitter 
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Thanks to the sleuthing performed by evgenln (here), I was able to construct this IE emitter to drive the SSG-2100 glasses I bought (Shrek package) from my TV's VESA Stereo port. Not quite a Universal IR emitter, as it only speaks Samsung / Mitsubishi, however I will take a stab at building one modified to run from the VESA Stereo port on my TV as well (I do have an unused ATMega16 laying about).

Example board layout
ZIP of Source, schematic, etc.

Actually I need to retest after I cleaned up the code and removed commented out stuff to make sure I didn't break it, cleaned it up while at work and haven't been home yet to test that I didn't break it, but it *should* be fine.

Prototype in operation:

Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:41 am
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We don't have VESA on front projectors sadly .

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Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:56 am
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That's really too bad. It would be so cheap for them to add it... I wonder if anyone ever figured out the DLP Link system and could build a photodetector rig to use that as an input (which would then work with non Nvidia sources too).

It seems I have some massaging to do of the code, though. I thought it was just the Shrek discs because it was so minor, but there's a funky banding thing going on when using the Samsung glasses that the ViewSonic DLP Link glasses don't have. I was testing that my removal of debug code & etc last night didn't change the code execution (it doesn't appear to have) and noticed it again on Despicable Me, which I've previously watched with the ViewSonics and knew shouldn't be banding like that.

Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:18 am
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Good stuff man. Nice work.

check my blog -

Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:50 am
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Great stuff thanks. Have been looking for something like this for a while. The +5v and gnd are optional to driver more lcd's?

edit. Evign mentions the ssg2100 glasses work at a fixed 120hz? Does this mean it wont work with my samsung ps50b450 plasma which i think runs at 100hz?

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Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:23 pm
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The 5V, GND, 3D_TTL connect to the VESA Stereo connector, which has 5V, GND, and TTL signaling to indicate Left/Right eye (high = left, low = right).

The MODE1, MODE2 pins are something that can be jumpered to select normal ('MODE1' on DLP TVs) L/R polarity or reversed ('MODE2', actually default for interpretation of DLP Link for DLP Link glasses ... ) by bridging either of the labelled pins to the one in the middle. If you don't need to be able to choose you could just hardwire it to whichever is appropriate.

If the TV has a VESA Stereo port you could try 50hz, the IR burst this generates doesn't try to account for framerate or anything though, it probably won't work (might require some other IR timing to work). I can't even try to test this since my TV doesn't support any PAL framerates (sadly, wish it did, would make watching my few import PAL DVDs easier instead of using a computer to adjust the framerate instead of using my DVD player).

The glasses are meant for 120hz operation but someone (forget who off hand) was saying they had gotten them to sync to lower framerates with different timings ...

Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:42 pm
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tritosine wrote:
We don't have VESA on front projectors sadly .

Apparently the Optima 3DXL (which can either feed 3D into an existing 3D ready page-flipping projector or a pair can be used to split 1080P L/R streams to two projectors, which can be used with polarized filters ... ) has a VESA port, so in theory you could use shutterglasses with this device in the chain, but on the other hand you could just use a polarity rotator and passive glasses if you're going to use a projector anyways : Optima 3DXL Owner's thread at AVS

Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:59 am
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Banding on the left with my IR emitter and the SSG-2100's, no banding with DLP Link ViewSonic PGD-150's.

Tricky to photo with my point and shoot, let me tell ya ;)

Have modified the code to turn on the IR immediately (~4-6uS delay from input VESA signal transition to IR going on) and then figure out if it needs to run an actual burst or not. No visible change in the amount of banding, so perhaps I am in fact triggering too soon? Perhaps the stock emitter has some significant lag (it may very well if it has a simple R/C oscillator driving the IR). If so, the glasses are programmed to know this and once they have get the IR sync to drive their own clocks can shutter "early" to be on time.

Going to play with delaying the triggering next ... failing that its time to do run a continuous clock that gets it's sync from the VESA input but triggers early, bleh.

Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:21 am
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Well delays don't help any, things get worse. Perhaps I need some variation in on:off ratio or a specific khz period.

I wonder if my Pronto can learn the IR signal, if so I could try using it to capture it at the store ... that would give something more exact.

Later on I'm going to slap a crystal oscillator in the circuit and rejigger the code for it (only one I have on hand is a 7.xxxxMHz which is great for deriving serial frequencies but not so great for doing the math for getting XuS Ir bursts :P )

Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:23 am
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Good jobs,
It is a pity that not all of TV manufactory has VESA ports. :roll:

Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:28 pm
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your job is really intresting thx for that.
But there is something I can't understand. Glasses will get a 120hz signal in input meaning 60 low signal and 60 high signal on vesa TTL by second (120 images/s at all). I thought that the sync system (for IR glasses) was designed to adapt variation of the display frequency for example is the display is at 119,9hz or 120,1hz which could lead to out of sync the glasses. If I'm wrong then the TTL signal is only there to sync the start or glasses blinking ?
other question TTL high is 5v and low 0v?


Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:37 am
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Hello BioSehnsucht,

I read all reply of this post.

I have to design IR shutter glass emitter but in my case, i have two separate channel (signal) for controlling left eye lens and right eye lens.
If we use the Single channel and will control the glasses, in such case visual quality will very poor because in 3D display take some uS time to change Left image to right image and right image to left image, in this transaction period both glasses should be close.

I am also not sure, is there any glasses which used such 2 channel controlling mechanism.

If anyone of you have any idea related to this query then reply.


Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:20 am
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