MotionVR diy oculus rift project

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MotionVR diy oculus rift project

Post by skyegreen42 »

Well, I have decided to build a cheap diy Oculus Rift! Why? Ever since the Google Cardboard came out, I have wanted to get an oculus. One problem: the oculus is EXPENSIVE! So I decided to shop for some parts and found that there are some crazy parts designed to register as an oculus. :D

Parts list:
Ultraoptix 7X aspheric 1.5 inch magnifier
DIY Programmed Oculus Rift DK1 Screen 7" LCD Panel 1200*800 Kickstarter Project
Head Motion Tracker Gyroscope VR Glasses Kickstarter Project

Now, will these work? I am mostly concerned about the lens, there are a lot of types :shock:

I will keep you guys updated, on the status!

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Re: MotionVR diy oculus rift project

Post by Bluedeath »

while the original oculus lenses are 7x a lot of people used 5x lenses to reduce eyestrain and have more fov (on some configuration).

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