old sega/asus glasses controller idea, feedback needed

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old sega/asus glasses controller idea, feedback needed

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Hi to all, i gave away my old nvidia 3d vsison kit when i sold my triple monitor setup (at the time i though i wanted to use only my WMR headset for 3d) to buy a 4 k screen.
Now that i just bought a new 144hz 32/9 49" screen, just out of curiosity I also acquired a couple of old ASUS 3d wired glasses without controller and an old H3D set (with vga passtrough) to play around to see if i can make them work. I need your advice on what path to pursue. This project is just for fun to see if “ IT COULD WORK” (quote from young Frankenstein).

My mad scientist approach would be one of these scenarios:

• Since my current video card does not have a VGA connector I was thinking about using a DP or HDMI to VGA adapter and a dummy plug (putting windows desktop in extended mode creating a custom resolution that matches the main monitor refresh rate) and use just the vertical sync (I know I might need to power the passthrough dongle since adapter may not have the +5 v pin).
• Same approach as above but instead of the dongle using a DIY vertical blank controller to drive the glasses and possibly a VESA stereo adapter for the use of a commercial emitter.
• The strangest solution: using an audio out from the soundcard that generates an out pf phase stereo signal (square waves with the same frequency of the screen refresh) either by writing a small program or using a freeware signal generator. Since line out should be around 2 volts a small amplifier can be used to raise the signal to the 10v needed to drive the glasses directly.

What do you think of the feasibility of these ideas? Any comment is appreciated.

As for the software to do the 3d conversion for games I would like to use tridef (it should be still working, or at least i hope, until I have to rebuild my machine) or any third-party (like blueskydefender reshade scripts) solution that support direct page flipping or interleaved mode.

Thanks in advance to all

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