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MTBS Start Page Submissions

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:37 pm
by Neil
Check out Sharky's MTBS start page and add this to your browser as your default home page ASAP:" onclick=";return false;

This is just a starting point, so submit your URL ideas HERE so we can make it better.


Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 2:27 am
by sharky
ok here is a little explanation on what the sense of the page actually is. i got some feedbacks that they didnt understand the real idea behind the startpage..

the idea is to have mtbs providing a basic service. by placing the startpage as startpage (you see that page as primary page when you open the browser) you have a 1-click access to all the major visited sites. there are only some inside now, but we can make it bigger, add links, change the position of columns, make major used links colored, all based on your requests.

i know that most of you use google as start page and dont want to change. i have a little request for you. change the startpage only for one week. this would help us to make the page better, and you to understand if the page could be your standart start page. it takes 2/3 days to get used to it, then you click automatically on the links without searching them. my personal experience is this:

i started using a earlier version of this page in september and thenplaced it as startpage on all the comuters i use regularly. i think it helps a lot.

in the next days ill make a bright version too.

for the 5 users which help most to make this page, i make a personalized one with custom links....

thats it