Joker18 EDID override (looking for)

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Joker18 EDID override (looking for)

Post by edwardsean »


Can someone upload Joker18's latest EDID override for LG OLED TVs, or send a link?

I'm having trouble tracking it down and he suggested I ask here.


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Re: Joker18 EDID override (looking for)

Post by whyme466 »

Surprised that joker18 did not provide it directly.

Unfortunately, Nvidia's forum redesign made the EXTENSIVE discussion of great 3D passive LG displays almost useless, and we lost all attached data files. A quick summary: use 4k certified HMDI cables, re-label HDMI TV input connected to GPU as "PC" (no quotes), and follow SoundBlsr's thorough guidance for TV settings - see ... o/1707931/.

Even though one-half the data is not used, these outstanding displays require full 3840x2160 3D images to be rendered - an intense GPU/CPU load. In order to play some of the latest games like Anthem with good performance (above 30 fps average), I have had to migrate to i9-9900X with 2080Ti (note that recent VR games like Asgard's Wrath are requiring this level of hardware capability also, for higher resolution HMDs like Vive Pro). The Nvidia 3D Vision forum also has lots of (hard-to-find) discussion about how to properly use lower in-game resolutions like 1440p with this display, in order to reduce rendering requirements.

joker18's last EDID override with HDR support is at ... 3KmzfSn6ND - this site would not let upload .inf file (or .jpg version). Eye Swapper app attached below.
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Re: Joker18 EDID override (looking for)

Post by sebastatu »

Thank you so much. I was looking for this myself! :geek:

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