Fallout 4 working, but...

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Fallout 4 working, but...

Post by dimmu1313 »

So I have 3 issues with Fallout 4 but I'm VERY close I can feel it. I'm using Oculus Rift, so these issues are related to that I'd assume; I'm running Vireio Perception 4 alpha 3 (the latest I could find on this site).

1. The main concern: something is messed up (i think) with IPD. Basically I'm seeing double, like the two eye screens aren't properly overlapping.
I read somewhere that interpupillary distance is set automatically for the OR setup.
My OR content runs fine so I know the OR IPD is right. Should I override this in the ini, and if so, to what amount? It's currently shown as .064

2. Head tracking isn't working properly. The image just stays centered on my view, and turning my head does not turn the world camera in-game,
so I'm always looking "forward" in-game if that makes sense. Using my controller, the camera turns fine.

3. Framerate is low enough that the image is laggy. I've disabled everything that was recommended:
ambient occlusion, reflections, decals, v-sync. Drivers are the latest.
My graphics card is a Radeon R9 390X, and I'm told elsewhere it's plenty good enough.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Fallout 4 working, but...

Post by EisernSchild »

Hi dimmu1313 !

Sorry, the "Fallout 4" profile even crashes here since the latest update from Bethesda. We need to find the reason for the crash here first before we answer further questions.

Almost any update for the game did break our profiles. We hope that now there are no updates any more.

Regards, Denis

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