Help me out here

This forum is for the brand new Vireio Perception virtual reality drivers. History in the making!
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Help me out here

Post by Taivas »

Hello, I just found out about the project, and I'm looking to see if and how can I help with it. I have an Oculus rift and a Leap motion. I have made a software with unity that is pretty close to bigscreen, but is a bit more hackish.
Anyways, I'm looking to see if I can use this to uninstall oculus home completely. The binary distribution didnt include any test app, and seems to be pretty hackish. how do i use it? do i really need a game to test it?

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Re: Help me out here

Post by cybereality »

The Oculus runtime is bundled with Home and the launcher. There is no way to use the headset without it installed (even SteamVR or similar still relies on Oculus software being active).

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