Powered VR Treadmill Shoes

Discussion of tools and products that add VR physicality. Samples include VR treadmills, special hand controllers, gesture technology and more.
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Powered VR Treadmill Shoes

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http://intron.kz.tsukuba.ac.jp/powereds ... oes_j.html

These shoes look awesome, I really want to make a pair to use with oculus rift. I'm unable to find any information about the components used
I've been researching potential parts. The motors and flexible drive shafts, need to be capable of moving 63kg on a hard floor.

Flexible drives, I found aeg drive shafts which might work.
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/932330000-AE ... .l4275.c10

Motors, I was thinking of using treadmill motors.

This is all guess work, what power motors would be required or if 6mm flex drive is strong enough or not
anybody with any experience with motors or mechanical systems. could shed some light on this device. I'd much appreciate.

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